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Sculpture .

We commemorate our heroes in bronze but accept the cycles of plants insects as a given. John Ruskin felt plants were only here for our use or enjoyment; they had no agenda of their own.
Animals and insects were preserved stuffed, or suspended in formaldehyde. It was important to keep the ‘real’ in some way: drawings, even most accurate ones did not satisfy.
This work attempts to retain the ‘real’ object within the piece by sealing in resin the plants and insects I collect.

The new pieces use another form of “keeping’.

Dead bees and other insects are ossified in resin or cast in bronze and presented on metal supports.
At present I am working on a proposal for
‘Custody’ a large group of bronze bumble bees mounted on metal poles 5 feet high with the idea of filling a meadow with these.


  17 Trinity Warf Thames Side Studios
Harrington Way (off Warspite Road)
London SE18 5NR

T: +44 (0) 7956 492 583