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Works on aluminium, wood and paper.

My system of working is like planting a seed; the image “grows” out of the process.
Maps are sealed on aluminium; wood or paper and thin layers of Acrylic paint are applied to form a sort of strata.
Parts of the maps are then revealed by sanding and scraping: excavating and uncovering: revealing or concealing.

I use maps as descriptions of place and as objects in themselves.
The regular section lines or grids in the folds of the maps, suggest a view of our landscape that is controlled by history, memory and experience.
The revealed shards of maps connect in ways that may propose explanations for our relationship with places in the past or in the possible future.


  17 Trinity Warf Thames Side Studios
Harrington Way (off Warspite Road)
London SE18 5NR

T: +44 (0) 7956 492 583